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Hello there!

I am so glad you are here! 

What started as a side project for myself to stay creative has become so much more. I was sipping an iced coffee in one of my favorite Charleston coffee shops and that's when I saw the most perfect shaped glassware. I knew they would look amazing with florals and plants on them so I made my vision come to life.

I have a strong passion for the hospitality industry and I believe that has helped create my love for providing amazing curated glassware products for all of you. I love any sweet messages and to see how happy you are when you get your glass in the mail.

I'm surrounded by inspiration where I live in sunny Charleston, SC and I have an amazing support system that consists of my fiancé, Ian, who keeps me sane as well as my part time coworker, Pinto, the most lovable mini dachshund. 

We love pretty glassware, plants and all the florals!

I've designed these collections by using inspiration from all of my favorite house plants and pinterest worthy florals. I wanted to keep the designs minimal and aesthetically pleasing. I imagine the glassware to be perfect for open shelves in a kitchen, being sipped from on a porch or even propagating your plants. 

I believe in creating a beautiful life for yourself and it can be as simple as enjoying your iced coffee from a pretty glass. 

xoxo, shelby