20oz Floral Quilt Glass


Do you make an iced coffee first thing in the morning? Wait, who doesn't? Let this glass up-level your morning iced latte, matcha, tea, you name it....this glass makes it taste better. Bring out your inner tiktok-wellness-green juice era but make it cute. If this design doesn't suit you, we have more to check out!

Make your glassware match your vibe, your house and bring out your unique personality. Style it on your bar cart next to your beloved Tito's or mocktail mix filled with adaptogens. Just don't forget to get a lid and straw to match. Because we all know we're running late and now we need to take our coffee on the go.

This is our extra large sized glass for the girlies who run on three cups of coffee, order a venti at Starbucks or who need three espresso shots in their latte.  

Size: 20oz

H: 6.25"

D: 3"

Top rack dishwasher safe.

Made in the USA

Please see Store Policies in regards to broken, damaged or lost packages.


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