Floral Garden Koozie

Are you taking your glass on the go? Then you need a cutie koozie to add to your glass! These koozies are perfect for our beer can glasses or you can keep them in your purse and use them for your local coffee shop, Starbucks or dunkin drink. The koozie keeps the drink from "sweating" and makes your cup look super cute. Everyone is going to ask you about it while you walk through target sipping your iced latte with a cute koozie! Don't forget to add a bamboo lid and straw.

Small: 16oz

Large: 22oz

Small fits: 16oz beer can glass, mason jars, tall & grande at starbucks, small at dunkin and most local coffee shop cups

Large fits: 20oz beer can glass, venti and larger at starbucks, medium from dunkin, pint cups

These also fit a lot of other cups so just check the ounce size of your cup and order accordingly! Diameter of cup needs to be larger than 3".

Designs are both hand drawn by me and professionally printed :)


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